Alfriston Emergency Group

The Alfriston Emergency Plan is available for download (PDF) by clicking the button below.


The document is useful and full of important information; it should be used should an emergency arise in the village. 


Keep a copy safe at home, and make sure all residents know where it is kept.


It should be found easily (by all members of your household), alternatively if you have Internet access you can download for free another copy.  (NB: do not rely on the Internet as the only option, in case a loss of power or communications occurs)


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to email

Alfriston Emergency Group (AEG) is a volunteer group of residents who try to do what we can to keep Alfriston moving at times of flooding and when other situations arise such as trees falling over the road, or ice and snow making movement perilous especially for older residents of the village.


In addition to the above, AEG has started in 2015 to take on a wider role, helping out as needed in village events such as the Festival, Dickensian Evening, Sussex Day or the Farmers’ Market.

AEG has some useful equipment obtained with a grant from the National Lottery. We have a quad bike and trailer, a generator and several floodlights. We also have a submersible pump to remove flood water, a gritter to use on icy pavements and several smaller items such as shovels and brooms.


Our aim is to serve the village rather than individuals, but having said that we are always ready to help vulnerable people who may be stuck in their homes or having some other kind of difficulty.


We work with the local authorities and the emergency services (police, ambulance and fire service) but we aim to be first on the scene. If you are aware of a village emergency situation or are an organiser of a village event and could do with our help, please get in touch.


As a first point of call, contact:


Vernon Reynolds on 01323 871136 and you will be directed to someone who may be able to help.

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