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Local estate agent supports village events team.

Have you seen the new yellow estate agent boards around Seaford and Alfriston advertising Simon Welch estate agent? Perhaps you thought oh no not another estate agent in Seaford, offering the same old thing! To be honest I did too until I had the pleasure of meeting up with Simon to hear about his ideas on how he could support the community.

Entering their offices on Clinton Place in Seaford the warm welcome you receive is different from others estate agents. If you are anything like me I really find an estate agents offices generally not the most welcoming of environments, In the times I have needed to enter them I often feel like a Gazelle being sized up for the kill by the big cats! Not here though, with low boards in the front window you can see into a simple and welcoming office.

Simon is a local friendly guy who is very well known in the industry throughout Seaford and the surrounding areas.

Simon began his career in the 1980’s after leaving Seaford Head School gaining plenty of experience and rising through the ranks to hold management positions in some of the most successful estate agent businesses in Sussex.

It is his history, knowledge and love of this area that sparked his idea to support the Alfriston Events Team.

For those who are unware the Events Team, we established in 2013, and it is formed of a group of dedicated volunteers who have an interest in ensuring that Alfriston remains a thriving community by enhancing the enjoyment to both visitors and residents. Responsible for facilitating community events like, Sussex Day, The Alfriston Festival and Dickensian, the events are planned to assist local businesses, groups and charities to fund raise for their own organisations.

So to support the team, Simon has offered to donate a percentage of his commission from every house sold in Alfriston. This is a wonderful offer that the team have accepted with open arms, and with two houses up for sale already in Alfriston this is super news for upcoming events.

Simon’s business has only been open since March of this year, and is already going from strength to strength due to both his and his colleague Nick’s personality, kindness, expertise and the flexible commission rates. Vendors are choosing to sell their properties with Simon Welch.

They have also recently sponsored a slide at the Chyngton School Fayre.

When asked about his reasons to support the Alfriston events team in this way Simon said “I was brought up in this area, this is my old stomping ground, I went to school at Seaford Head and had many friends in Alfriston. Community is everything and I am now thankfully in the position to give something back. I have attended many of the annual events that are put on in the village, and recognise that the way these events are run has changed from years ago. We as local business need to support these super events when we can, if they are to continue. The events team are facilitators and not a charity so when they receive new sponsorship and funds, it enables them to ask more performers to attend events, purchase more lights and decorations for their Dickensian event, or have more road signs made, all of which cost money.”

He goes on to say, “The money they make isn’t just sitting around in a pot growing, it’s going straight back out again to fund these events that we all love attending. I for one don’t want them to come to an end, which they will do without support, so I am happy to do my bit to help, and offering 5% from our commission from every house sold in Alfriston seemed like a great idea”.

Simon concluded by saying “Bringing more visitors to Alfriston, Seaford and to our surrounding towns and villages will benefit us all as a community, its important to keep our local business thriving and alive, and that is achieved by telling more people to come and visit this area through events like these.”

If you wish to contact Simon or Nick about selling your property, please call 01323 406999 or visit their website

If you would like to contact the Alfriston Events team to sponsor an event or to offer your services as a volunteer visit our contact us page on our website

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