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Skills Café - October 2015

We would like to thank everyone so much for their participation and contribution to the Skills Café in Alfriston.

The Event was organised and funded by the Cuckmere Valley Transition Group. The idea of the event was to offer the community an experience where people could come together and offer views and exchange crafts and skills.

Admission to the event was free, as was the table space for the exhibitors. The organisations had booked the Alfriston War Memorial Hall and the Old Chapel Centre, and later the rector of St Andrews Church kindly offered the church space to host further exhibitions.

The Ladies of the Alfriston Women’s Institute provided refreshments in the Old Chapel Centre. In the AWMH – The Alfriston Pre School group provided an early breakfast with Chestnuts Café arriving at lunchtime with homemade soup and afternoon cream teas.

The stall holders showed their crafts and skills, met other participants and spoke to visitors, explaining how they created their products. They also took details of people interested in coming along to future courses and workshops.

Throughout the day there was a series of talks in the AWMH offering a wide range of subjects, simultaneously in the church a programme of musical events brought entertainment there. Many people mentioned that they had not been inside the church before and it was a delightful experience to enter and view the architecture, decoration and enthusiasm of the parishioners and villagers.

It was a wonderful event, organised by the community, to bring together locals and visitors fro a day of creativity and friendship, which we trust will continue into the future.

We all had an enjoyable day and received lots of positive feedback and comments

We would like to keep the connections to the participants and visitors by receiving and promoting details of the courses and workshops that have been offered through this event.

We are delighted that we have achieved our goal in connecting people in the community. We thank everyone who took part in anyway in creating such a wonderful successful event with so much potential for the future.

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