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11 – 18 JUNE 2016

Welcome to the Alfriston Labyrinth Festival web page. Information about the presenters and the daily programme for the event, ticket prices and purchasing arrangements is shown below. There may be some additions over the next few weeks, and we will add ‘Stop Press’ announcements on the web site if or when these occur.


The focus of the whole event is a labyrinth ‘cut’ into the grass between St Andrew’s Church and the River Cuckmere.


We extend a warm welcome to everyone to come along on any of the days, walk the labyrinth if you wish, and attend the events on offer.


Following the formal opening at 11.00am on 11th June, the labyrinth will be available for walking through the whole week, and beyond. Additionally, during the festival week there will be art displays, labyrinth related graphics and continuous videos (with music) related to the theme of “Life Journey – the Beauty is in the Walking”, in St Andrew’s church.


Workshop Pre-booking: Please note that places at workshops are limited to between 12 for art subjects and 20 to 30 for others. All workshop places therefore need to be pre-booked by email application to: An email reply will state availability and the address to which  cheques should be sent. Booking will be confirmed by email following payment. No pre-booking is needed for “cash at door” events. For those without email, telephone enquiries can be made to 01323 871944.


Each event will last for about 2 hours, in most cases including a 15 - 20min break.




CLIVE BOURSNELL: Photographer. Seminar / Workshop - Lets Look Again.

ROGER DEAN: Artist & designer. Illustrated talk - Pathways

ADAM FORD: Former Priest and teacher. Talk - Mindful Walking.

DR. MARGARET LOBO: Founder and Director of the Otakar Kraus Music Trust etc. Talk / Workshop - The Healing Power of Music

LORNE MCKEAN: Sculptor. Documentary film - “A Royal Challenge”.

KEITH PETTIT: Sculptor & Wood Engraver. Exhibitor.

LOUISE PRENTICE: Artist, illustrator & teacher. Workshop - Circus of Circles.

MARTA PTASZKIEWICZ: Abstract artist. Exhibitor.

AMANDA ROSE: Silk painting artist. Exhibitor.

SUE SKELCEY: Teacher. Workshop - Introduction to Abhinaya

Indian dance form that combines movement and inner stillness.

THERESA SUNDT: Artist & colour therapist. Workshop - On the Steps of Karma.

DAVID WARD: Musician. Words & music with William & Patti Wray.

NATHALIE VERGERES: Artist. Exhibitor.

NEVILLE WORTMAN: Speech trainer. Workshop - The Confident Voice.

PATTI WRAY: Actor, speech and drama teacher. Performance of words & music with David Ward.

WILLIAM WRAY: Actor, writer, theatre director and playwright.  Workshop - Discovering Creative Inspiration.

BRIAN WRIGHT: Artist & teacher. Drawing workshop - Seeing is Believing (proportion in nature).  

CLIFF WRIGHT: Illustrator, painter, sculptor & teacher. Illustrated talk, plus Workshop - The nature of Seeing.





"Labyrinths and their Symbolism" on 12th June will be at 12.30pm

Soprano Angela Henckel will be joining the evening event on 16th June


Saturday 11 June


11.00am: Formal opening of the labyrinth by the Rev. Daniel Merceron, followed by a talk in the church at 11.45 by local historian Kevin Gordon on “Local Notables”.


Sunday 12 June


12.30pm:  Illustrated talk by William Wray - Labyrinths and their Symbolism.

William’s talk will explore the nature of labyrinths, the forms they have taken, the myths associated with them and the contemplative practices they can be used for.  He will also speak about the inspiration behind the Alfriston Labyrinth Festival as an introduction to the whole event.

Venue: War Memorial Hall.   Entry £6 - cash at door.


1.00pm:  ART EXHIBITION OPENS in the Old Chapel Centre

The exhibition, where works can also be purchased, will be open each day between 10.00am and 6.00pm, finishing at closure time on Thursday 16tth June. It will not be accessible during talks and some workshops. The exhibiting artists will be:  Keith Pettit, Louise Prentice, Marta Ptaszkiewicz, Theresa Sundt, Nathalie Vergères, Brian Wright and Cliff Wright.


2.30pm:  Illustrated talk by Roger Dean -  Pathways

In this talk Roger Dean, internationally renowned artist and designer, will cover key elements of his ‘life journey’, including aspects of the psychology of the built environment and the inspiration behind his unique and revolutionary approach to painting, album cover design and eco-building design.

Venue: War Memorial Hall.   Entry £6 - cash at door.


Monday 13 June


11.00am:  Illustrated talk by Cliff Wright - Nature of Seeing

The day is coming when a carrot, freshly observed, will start a revolution Paul Cezanne.  When we view something we can just look at it, or really see it. What we draw will reflect how we see.  In this talk Cliff Wright, well known as illustrator of the first two Harry Potter book covers, will present some thoughts on authentic seeing and how it can enrich our lives.  

Venue: Old Chapel Centre.   Entry £6 - cash at door.


2.30pm:  Workshop with Theresa Sundt - On the Steps of Karma 

Ancient wisdom defines nine personalities; each resonates with the qualities of one specific colour. Theresa, artist and certified colour therapist, will help you to discover how to work out your karmic colour, then through painting and collage, come closer to what you are here to learn during your life journey.

Venue: Old Chapel Centre.   Entry £12 through pre-booking.


5.00pm: Lorne Mckean - “A Royal Challenge”

This intriguing film shows the remarkable process of the development from a piece of crumpled chicken wire to a beautiful finished half life-size bronze sculpture of Prince Philip playing polo, unveiled in the presence of HM The Queen and Prince Philip. After the film Lorne will be interviewed about her ‘life journey’ as a sculptor, what motivates her work and her approach to it. Some pieces will be on display and others shown on screen. This will be followed by questions from the audience.

Venue: War Memorial Hall.   Entry £6 - cash at door.


Tuesday 14 June


10.30am:  Workshop with Louise Prentice - Circus of Circles

Louise will lead a simple unconscious to conscious exercise to create personal abstract pieces with meaning. Reflect and respond to inner plains through inks, pencil and pen.

Venue: Old Chapel Centre.   Entry £12 through pre-booking.


2.30pm:  Workshop with William Wray - Discovering Creative Inspiration

Words are often treated lightly, but well-chosen words have the capacity to penetrate and open up deeper insight.  In a series of imaginative exercises William will use poetry and creative writing to explore how words can act as keys to deepen our understanding.

Venue: Old Chapel Centre.   Entry £10 through pre-booking.


5.00pm:  Workshop with Cliff Wright - Nature of Seeing

Cliff’s workshop will follow the theme of his Monday morning talk. Through simple drawing exercises he will give guidance in discovering ways to bring inner stillness to our approach and move beyond the limited world of thoughts into the realm of pure connection with universal creative energy.

Venue: Old Chapel Centre.   Entry £12 through pre-booking.


Wednesday 15 June


10.30am:  Workshop with Brian Wright - Seeing is Believing

There is an underlying order in the natural world, which produces a sense of beauty and harmony in the mind. The workshop will explore examples of this order through drawing and observation.

Venue: Old Chapel Centre.   Entry £12 through pre-booking.


2.30pm:  Illustrated talk / Workshop with Dr. Margaret Lobo - The Healing Power of Music

Margaret will speak about her work as Founder and Director of the Otakar Kraus Music Trust, illustrated by heart-warming videos of sessions with children in the UK, India and Nepal. She will also speak about the benefits for all of using sound and song therapeutically, including a series of six “healing sounds” from the Taoist tradition.

Venue: Old Chapel Centre.   Entry £10 through pre-booking.


5.00pm:  Workshop with Sue Skelcey - Introduction to Abhinaya

A form of Indian dance that aims to combine the joy of movement with the experience of inner stillness. Abhinaya tells a story or expresses emotions through dance. The spirit is captured in this short verse:  “Where the hand goes the eye goes; where the eye goes the mind follows; where the mind is, there the heart is also; and where the heart is, there love arises”

Venue: War Memorial Hall.   Entry £10 through pre-booking.


Thursday 16 June


10.30am:  Workshop with Neville Wortman - The Confident Voice

The gift of speech is our natural inheritance, but so often we hear people say “I don’t like the sound of my voice!” Yet somehow, through interaction with a lively, friendly group of people we can discover a new confidence in our own speaking ability. Using some beautiful examples of the English language, particularly the sounds of Shakespeare, Neville will show how individual voices can be transformed. Take a breath - come along and give it a try!

Venue: Old Chapel Centre.   Entry £10 through pre-booking.


2.30pm:  Seminar / Workshop with Clive Boursnell - Photography: Let’s Look Again

Clive's seminar / workshop will provide insights into the techniques he uses and the way he goes about capturing the spirit of his subjects.  To illustrate the way he works he will be showing a series of recently taken photographs of Alfriston and the immediate area.

Venue: Old Chapel Centre.   Entry £12 through pre-booking.


7.30pm:  All the Way to Alfriston - Celebration of the English Countryside in Words & Music.

All the Way to Alfriston is a poem by Eleanor Fargeon, inspired by a Downs walk. Concert pianist David Ward and actors William & Patti Wray have taken the poem as the inspiration for a programme of words and music celebrating a journey through the quiet beauty of the English countryside.

Venue: St Andrew’s Church.   Entry: £8 - cash at door. 


Saturday 18 June


2.30pm:  Talk by Adam Ford - Mindful Walking

Adam will draw on his long personal experience to speak about, and give guidance on, the art of mindful walking. After the talk there will be an immediate opportunity to put principles into practice on the labyrinth cut in the grass behind the church!

Venue:  St Andrew’s Church.   Entry: no set charge but we invite you to make a donation to the St Andrew’s Church Restoration Appeal following the talk.


7.30pm:   Alfriston Labyrinth Festival Finale Concert 

Details of this event will be given on this web site nearer the time.

Venue:  St Andrew’s Church.   Entry:  £10 - cash at door.


Enrich your Life Journey – the Beauty is in the Walking!


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